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Michael Weyer
Video Production
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

My career path has taken me everywhere from Europe to bull riding arenas across the U.S. With 18 years of experience in video production and photography. I now have many rolls as a DP, ENG Camera Operator, Director, Producer, Technical Manager/Producer, Photographer, Editor and a Freelance Handheld Camera. My clients include high-profile networks and sporting events, with projects that typically encompass broadcast production and remote/field productions.


My client list includes ABC, ESPN, NBC, CBS, Eurosport, Walmart and Ford Motor Company. I’ve covered major events like the PBR Tour (bull riding), USSA Ski and Snowboard events, Deer Valley Celebrity Ski, Bobsled World Finals, ESPN X-Games and I have worked on remote/field productions country-wide.

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